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Why Does Your Stomach Growl And How To Stop It

How awkward is it when you’re sitting in a quiet room and out of nowhere, your stomach just starts growling loudly. As embarrassing as that may be, it’s probably happened to all of us because it’s a normal phenomenon. There’s even a name for your stomach noises and it sounds a lot like a Pokémon, it’s called borborygmus (singular) or borborygmi (plural)!

Basically, the rumbling noise happens when our gastrointestinal tract activates its walls to squeeze and mix food, gas and fluids through our stomachs and intestines. Borborygmi are often associated with hunger because without any food to muffle the sound, the growling noises will sound extra loud. Borborygmi can also be caused by incomplete digestion, slow digestion, and ingestion of certain foods.

One easy way to fix this is to drink water to improve digestion and let the liquid fill your stomach to muffle the sound. But remember to drink it slowly because chugging it all at once might result in a gurgling sound instead.

When eating, try to eat and chew slowly to avoid swallowing air and prevent indigestion. Remember to eat more regularly but do not overeat. One way to do so is to try eating four to six small meals a day instead of three large meals. This can help to improve your metabolism and keep your stomach from feeling hungry and growling. Also, try going for a short, light walk after a meal to improve digestion.

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There are also certain foods that you might want to avoid to prevent borborygmi, some of which include hard-to-digest foods like beans, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, and broccoli, as well as acidic food like citrus, tomatoes and coffee.

If you feel the slightest pinch of hunger, you should eat something light such as crackers or a small granola bar, but stay away from greasy foods like potato chips as they are more likely to cause gas, which will result in your stomach growling.

And lastly, try to stay calm. The feeling you get in your stomach when you’re nervous might have something to do with borborygmi too because anxiety or high levels of short-term stress can actually slow down your digestion speed and awaken the borborygmi.


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