• Jonathan Shiek

Why Do People in Relationships Cheat?

You see, cheating on your partner is more than just being unfaithful… it is the ultimate violation of trust. The act of cheating itself probably does not hurt your partner as much… but the breach of trust is something that really tears into your partner’s soul and eats away at their insecurities and mental health.

To those of you who have been cheated on… or if you are the one cheating on your partner, have you ever taken a step back and asked yourself why did your partner do that or why are you doing that?

Well, allow mental health therapist Dr. Christian Kohlross to answer your questions and clear your doubts. According to Kohlross, there are 3 primary reasons that infidelity occurs within a seemingly healthy relationship.

The reasons are; the expectation that one partner has to meet all the needs one has – it’s an expectation which will be inevitably disappointed, the incapability to differentiate between essential needs that a partner has to meet, and accidental needs which need not be met in order to experience contentment in everyday life and lastly, you and your significant other are not the right match.

Kohlross also goes on to state that there is no such thing as ‘accidents’ when someone commits infidelity as they are fully aware of their actions and being blackout drunk is not an excuse either because you can always choose to stop drinking when you are at your limit or not drink altogether.

As humans, we also have the tendency to find ourselves attracted to other people from time to time and that is perfectly normal. It is our choices that define us and our choice to be and stay loyal to our partner is what really matters.


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