• Jonathan Shiek

When 10 is Nine Too Many: The Lazy Dude’s K-beauty Regime

Let’s face it: Skin care isn’t exactly the most popular subject among men. 10 steps is just NINE TOO MANY. At least that’s what my fiance says. Before we dive into the best lazy dude beauty regime, let’s take a refresher on what is considered a 10-step k-beauty regime:

The 10 steps are:

  1. Oil cleansing

  2. Foam cleansing

  3. Exfoliating

  4. Toning

  5. Essence-ing

  6. Treatment-ing (aka treating problem areas like hyperpigmentation, acne, etc.)

  7. Sheet Masking

  8. Moisturizing

  9. Eye Creaming

  10. Sunblock

So the essence (pun intended) behind the 10-step Korean beauty regime is, the more pampering your skin gets, the better the skin. And the more moisturized your skin is, the healthier it becomes. While each is essential to achieve baby-soft skin, there’s more than a few that you don’t really need to do every day.

You definitely can skip sheet masks, and eye creams. Most guys who don’t wear makeup or sunblock truly don’t have to oil cleanse. Instead, here’s the bare minimum of practicing K-beauty without all of the extra zazz.

Start with a foam cleanser.

You still want clean skin, so this step cannot be sidestepped.  Cleansing twice a day is imperative to keep bacteria, impurities and dirt at bay. That’s what causes acne, blackheads, whiteheads, and other yucks.

Next is toner.

Considered the MOST IMPORTANT step in any beauty regime, not just K-beauty. That’s because a toner hydrates and balances the pH of your skin after you’ve washed your face and softens it so that a moisturizer can actually do its job and get past your skin’s thick outer layer.

Next, straight to SPF / moisturiser. This is the holy grail.

For the daytime, SPF is a MUST! It prevents sun damage that can do a whole lot of evil: premature wrinkling, skin cancer, hyperpigmentation aka sunspots, and more.

Like it or not boys, these beauty steps are bare boned and designed to make your life easier. Skip one, and feel the wrath of your girlfriend’s incessant moans and groans from day to night.


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