• Jonathan Shiek

WhatsApp Is Introducing A New 24-Hours Disappearing Messages Feature

WhatsApp has been questionable about their privacy issues lately, however, the app still remains as the most popular messaging app to date. Recent news state that WhatsApp developers are working on its disappearing message feature. Apparently, this feature was actually introduced last year but it had only one option which is the “messages will disappear after 7 days”.

It didn’t make any sense, as the messages still needed 7 days to completely vanish from your chat. With an improved version of the feature, a 24-hour disappearing option will be added in for users to choose, which in all honesty makes more sense than the 7 days option.

Credit: TechNave

There are still no information on whether this new update will be available for both iOS and Android, but TechNave posted a screenshot from an iOS phone. Other than that, another new feature that focuses on disappearing images and videos is also being worked on.

I really hope this feature doesn’t cause more problems, as WhatsApp is still pretty much under water from the privacy issues.


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