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What You Need To Know About The SOPs For Tomorrow’s FMCO Total Lockdown

In an effort to flatten the curve and curb the spread of Covid-19, the government has announced that Malaysia will enter a two-week long FMCO “total lockdown” state nationwide starting tomorrow until 14 June.

During this period, only two people per household will be allowed out but only for essentials. There will be exceptions for those who need to travel for medical treatment or emergencies as a maximum of 3 people per household are allowed out.

However, individuals will NOT be allowed to travel beyond a 10km radius, unless there are no medical centres within that radius, then individuals will be permitted to travel to the nearest medical facility.

During the total lockdown, only essential businesses are allowed to operate, and that includes those in food and beverages, health and medical care, media and communications, e-commerce, production and distribution of fuels and lubricants, critical construction, banking, and insurance.

Also in the list of essential services are water, energy, security and safety, welfare and humanitarian assistance, community credit (mortgage only), logistics, transportation, forestry and wildlifeservices and operations of ports.

Those in the hotels and accommodation industry are allowed to operate but only for the purpose of quarantine and isolation, and NOT for tourism purposes.

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Meanwhile, those who have an existing MITI letter to travel interstate or inter-district for work purposes should take note that the letter is only valid until today. Starting tomorrow, all companies would require a different permit letter from the respective ministries if they need to travel to work during the total lockdown period.

Businesses that are allowed to operate will remain open from 8am to 8pm. However, there are exceptions for daily markets (6am to 2pm), regulated fresh markets (7am to 12pm), permanent farmers markets, MyFarm outlets and farmers’ complexes (6am to 4pm) as well as wholesale markets (12.01am to 6am, 11am to 4pm).

Petrol stations will be open from 6am to 8pm, while those located along highways will be allowed to operate 24 hours.

While kindergartens and enrichment centres for children age four to six are not allowed to operate, there will be exceptions for those that cater to children whose parents are frontliners or where both parents have to work.

Jogging and outdoor exercises are also permitted as long as individuals observe 2m to 3m of physical distancing.

Given the current skyrocketing number of positive Covid-19 cases, it is everyone’s responsibility to obey these SOPs and stay at home unless absolutely necessary, to protect ourselves and our loved ones.


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