• Jonathan Shiek

What They Don’t Tell You About Long Distance Relationships

You always get the same old advice from your peers and family members to cut off a relationship before you move to another country. How do you know whether you should break it off or continue investing in your relationship?

It Can Be Worth It

This ISN’T a surprise, especially if you planned out your relationship. You’ll be able to pull through if the end goal for both of you is to settle down in the same country. Of course there’s the problem of timezones and different schedules to adapt to. At the end of the day if you both manage to stay together after the hustle, you’ll not only know how to cherish time together but also know the meaning of personal space and growth.

It’s The Time To Figure Yourself Out

You’ll think that being in a long distance relationship is to make more time to understand each other to stay together. This is partly false. It’s your time to finally figure out what YOU want and work on that instead of the constant compromise people highlight about in LDRs. If being you drives your relationship stale, you’ll know that person isn’t the one for you.

It’s A Good Experience

Of course with the right partner, it can turn out to be a good experience instead of the cliche heartbreak people say about LDRs. It will definitely teach you a lot about patience, being understanding, self-love, loyalty, and also your love language. Love languages teach you how your partner wants to be loved, likewise teach your partner how to love you.

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