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What’s Up With All the Bad Press Lately for Marvel’s New Avengers Game?

A lot of time and money clearly went into the development of Marvel’s Avengers game, but perhaps not enough thought.

A Reddit user @LatHab asked the following question on r/OutOfTheLoop: 

“Haven’t played the game, and don’t really intend to. All I know is when it was announced it was super hyped, a number of my friends pre-ordered it, and they all played it for a bit. I didn’t hear much about it afterwards, but now seemingly out of the blue I keep seeing articles and videos talking about how the game is dead and such a huge disappointment. What’s up?” 

To which other users responded on the subreddit:

From yuefairchild:

“Once you complete the main campaign of Avengers, you’re thrown into a Destiny/Anthem style loot grind with literally zero story, with only Abomination and I think Taskmaster as recurring bosses to fight. The rest are AIM henchmen and robots. There’s just not enough content to support a live service.

Furthermore, it’s really unpolished, with weird item drop rates, lots of UI bugs, a confusing store interface where the only realistic way to get any items are the cash shop. But the main complaint is the way it just abruptly ends and swaps over to an eternal loot grind.”

IAmPandaKerman also responded:

“Think it helps to contextualize as well that it’s recently been mentioned a lot because the publisher just released the numbers and they lost a ton of money due to it’s poor performance. It lost like 96 percent of it’s player base.”

We’re just gonna end it with Ghostbuster_119‘s  comments on the matter:

“Good, lazy half arsed games should crash and burn. This game was a cash grab from the start and I’m glad it didn’t work.”

What do you guys think? Share with us  in the comments.

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