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What Is The ‘Lip Wings’ Makeup Trend And How To Achieve It

One of the common beauty standards involve having full, plump lips like Angelina Jolie or Kylie Jenner. In the past, there were people who have attempted drastic measures (remember the Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge?) just to get that plump, pouty lip look.

While cosmetic surgeries are also a solution, a recent makeup trend known as “lip wings” can pretty much give you a similar effect without needing to go under the knife. Similar to how some celebrities overline their lips to give it a fuller look, lip wings also uses makeup to create an illusion that makes your lips appear more luscious than they actually are.

The trend is believed to have originated from TikTok where Gen Z users were posting videos of them recreating the lip wings effect by drawing little wing-like flicks on your mouth with a dark-coloured lip pencil.


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The colour of your lip pencil doesn’t have to be extremely dark but it should be darker than your natural lip colour. First, draw an outline around the shape of your lips and extend it to the corner of your lips where you draw little wing-like flicks. Then, for an optional step, you can blend the pencil using a brush and finish it off with a gloss or lipstick.

Some users have even compared this lip wings trend to the lips of the popular Bratz fashion dolls, and you know what, I kinda see it. Now whether you’re a fan of this new makeup trend or not, you have to admit that it’s a pretty smart, low-budget, no fuss makeup hack.

Credits: Cosmopolitan

What do you think about the lip wings trend though? Do you like it and do you plan on trying it soon? Let us know!


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