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What Is Micellar Water And 5 Reasons Why You Should Use It

Having only discovered the beauty of micellar water just a couple of years ago, I can safely say that this product has made its way into my heart and secured a permanent spot in my skincare routine.

First and foremost, micellar water is made using purified water, moisturisers like glycerin, and mild surfactants, which work as great cleansing compounds to extract dirt and oil from the skin.

Which is why micellar water is such an effective skincare agent because not only is it alcohol-free, it also removes dirt, oil and makeup, and it comes with these great benefits!

1. Eliminates dirt and oil

Thanks to the formation of micelles, micellar water are highly effective at cleansing your skin and removing the dirt and oil beyond the surface level. The micelles and glycerin found in micellar water also enable facial cleansers to reach deeper layers of the skin for more effective cleansing, which makes sense why micellar water is such a popular choice for double cleanser.

2. Promotes hydration

The glycerin in micellar water is great for hydration as it helps the skin retain moisture more effectively. There are even studies that show glycerin works well on irritated skin to enhance the skin’s natural barrier function, speed wound healing, and improve hydration when it is applied topically.

3. Suits all skin types

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As someone who struggles with sensitive skin, I can definitely vouch for this as micellar water is so gentle on my skin, not only does it not irritate it, it even made my skin clearer than before! This is probably thanks to the mild surfactants which work well on all skin types as well as glycerin, which has been shown to reduce skin inflammation and irritation.

4. Keeps skin clear

Those who struggle with acne would probably know that pimples are caused by clogged pores, but micellar water may be able to help you with that as it is known to clear acne, blocked pores and even stubborn blemishes! And because micellar water can be applied using a cotton pad, the lack of facial brushes and washcloths would prevent spreading more germs and bacteria on your skin.

5. Practical, portable and affordable

Need I say more? With so many amazing benefits, I would expect a bottle of micellar water to cost more but thankfully, it is priced relatively affordable and you can easily get it at local drugstores. Plus, it is so easy to use and carry around with, which makes it the perfect travelling skincare product!


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