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What Is Deepfake And Is It Cool Or Creepy?

Deepfake technology has existed a while ago but its existence has always been controversial because as cool as it is, its usage can easily be manipulated to create financial fraud, create fake news, and even ruin one’s reputation.

Basically, Deepfake combines deep learning and artificial intelligence to create realistic but fake visual and audio content. Imagine photoshop but stronger, and with the ability to flawlessly swap faces and alter voices on different people – that’s Deepfake.

The power of Deepfake has prompted many governments to consider enacting laws to limit the use of Deepfake, especially since it has been used to create fabricated political footage or revenge porn.

But this technology has recently resurfaced on TikTok where an account under the handle @deeptomcruise shows Tom Cruise performing a magic trick, except it was not actually Tom Cruise, which makes identifying Deepfake Tom Cruise a mission impossible.

2 years ago on stage I was asked “when will Deepfake video/audio impact trust & be believable in social engineering?” My response then was that we were 2 years away from undetectable Deepfakes. I wish my prediction then was wrong. We need synthetic media detection + labels ASAP. — Rachel Tobac (@RachelTobac) February 26, 2021

In fact, Genealogy site MyHeritage is also using Deepfake to virtually “bring dead people back to life”. This feature, called DeepNostagia, allows users to view footage of dead people such as Abraham Lincoln or even their ancestors in a reanimated, lifelike setting.

However, DeepNostalgia will not include audio features to “prevent abuse, such as the creation of Deepfake videos of living people”.

Without a doubt, the invention of Deepfake marks another milestone in technological advancement. But whether this technology is considered cool, creepy or controversial, we will let you be the judge of that.


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