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What Is Dead Butt Syndrome And How To Prevent It

It comes as no surprise that ever since the dawn of the white collar lifestyle, our glutes has been glued to our seats. In addition, with heavy workloads and the occasional gaming after work, you often forget to give your butt a rest.

If that’s the case, then you most likely have what the medical profession refers to as – Dead Butt Syndrome (DBS). Yes, this is an actual thing.

The condition involves your butt muscles forgetting their main purpose, which is to support the pelvis and ensure that your body is in proper alignment. Now I know you might be giggling in a fit upon hearing that there is indeed such a condition but it is actually a lot more serious than you would think.

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Prolonged effects of this condition leads your gluteal muscles to weaken and not activate when they should resulting in other parts of your body having to bear additional stress as they try to substitute for these muscles, which potentially results in injury.

Now that you have finally taken DBS seriously, here’s how you can identify if you are at risk of it.

Try lifting one leg in in front of the other while standing and if you see that your pelvis dip towards one side of your body where the leg is lifted, you most probably have weakened gluteus muscles on the opposite side.

Alternatively, an unnatural curve in your back could also help determine if you have DBS. Either way, the best step in determining so, is by heading down to your nearest sports medicine specialist or an orthopedic surgeon to get yourself diagnosed.

On the bright side, preventing DBS is relatively easy. Simply take regular breaks from your chair by walking around and stretching. You can also prevent DBS without actually leaving your chair. Gently tuck your tailbone and squeeze, then and flex, one butt cheek at a time for five seconds. Alternate your cheeks, repeating 10 times per cheek.

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