• Jonathan Shiek

What Are Pimple Patches, And Do They Actually Work?

What are pimple patches really? You know when you get a nasty breakout on your face and all you want to do is pop them? YouTube skincare gurus would tell you not to touch it and just stick on a pimple sticker and leave it on for a certain amount time before you peel it off. There are 2 types of pimple patches that you would usually see in drugstores or online skincare sites, the hydrocolloid and non-hydrocolloid.

Hydrocolloid bandages are usually used in medical settings to draw fluid out of a wound while it helps speed up healing by keeping the skin underneath moist. It is the same concept for pimple patches, drawing out debris, oil, and pus out of a blemish while it helps speed up recovery if you’ve picked at a blemish or have any scabbing. The stickers also include anti-inflammatory and antibacterial ingredients that helps shrink a blemish quicker. On the other hand, non-hydrocolloid pimple patches don’t draw anything out but are meant to deliver acne-fighting ingredients into a blemish.

Credit: Soak Lifestyle

Let’s talk about the pros and cons of using a pimple patch:


  1. Keep you from picking and touching your blemish or skin

  2. Protects your blemish from debris and bacteria

  3. May help extract a blemish without squeezing it

  4. Creates a healing environment for less scabbing


  1. They are not the most environmentally-friendly products

  2. May be less cost-efficient compared to other spot treatments

  3. May be too potent or irritating for certain blemishes

  4. Don’t prevent breakouts

Pimple patches are great to use, but you’ll have to use them on the right blemish and right time to receive the outcome you’re looking for. They work on surface-level inflammatory acne but there are some who seem to get good results using them on deep cystic acne as well. Pimple patches aren’t the most effective compared to traditional spot treatment especially when it’s not an acne-prevention strategy. But overall, give it a go, you might find it effective on your skin when you use them right!



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