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What Acne Around Your Face Is Trying To Tell You

We all know how pesky acne can be, even with a luxurious array of skincare routines. Despite how it shows up, how can we possibly banish those big red zits that just pop out for the world to see? Here are the possibilities of what this acne is trying to tell you.

Forehead acne:

Forehead acne called the “T Zone acne” indicating from the head down to the noise. One of the most common areas having whiteheads & blackheads. That is because these areas tend to have more oil glands than other areas of our face. To prevent future breakouts try avoiding hair products such as pomade and styling cream.

Nose acne:

These areas tend to have large pores and it is more prone to dirt clogging up the pores. Which accumulates and produces blackheads and whiteheads. The best course of action to prevent this is by exfoliating, applying acne cream that contains Salicylic Acid, a powerful beta-hydroxy will do the trick.

Cheeks acne:

This usually can vary in terms of environment, genetics, or diet. Top cheek acne usually indicates respiratory problems and lower cheek acne indicates poor hygiene. Combating these by having clean air at home and maintaining cleanliness throughout your home and regularly cleaning items that touch your cheeks such as handphones, pillowcases, and make-up brushes.

Chin acne:

These are usually indicating hormonal imbalances. Getting sufficient sleep, having a good diet, and exfoliate should do the trick!

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