• Jonathan Shiek

Weirdest Gifts To Receive During Christmas

Sometimes the saying “it’s the thought that counts”, don’t count. We’ve all received extremely weird and bizarre gifts during the holiday season so if you relate to this post, I feel sorry for you.

A Bucket Of Ham

Uh… Are they still edible?

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Weird Christmas Ornaments

Sometimes I enjoy a good laugh.

Credit: McPhee

Donald Trump Beer Opener

You’re Fired!

Credit: Bottle Pops

Nicholas Cage T Shirt

No! No! No!

Credit: Lazada Malaysia


But for the previous years.

Credit: The Life of Science

Cleaning Supplies

What do you imply?


But not from your partner…

Let us know what weird gifts you received this year or previous years! Some people just needs a Christmas gift guide *face palms*.


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