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We Might Be Getting Robots That Can Help Us With Our Chores Very Soon

Samsung has recently revealed several concepts for domestic robots that are not only capable of performing household tasks but are capable of doing so without direct commands.

We always figured that having robots at home doing our work for us is something of the distant future but thanks to Samsung’s engineering team, that ‘distant’ future might just be over the horizon.

At this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) which was held virtually for obvious reasons, Samsung flexed their advancements in Robotics with their domestic robot assistants.

The two robots are named Bot Care and Bot Handy respectively. The concepts surrounding these two robots are similar however, as they are both intelligent personal assistants capable of housekeeping, even when you’re not physically at home.

Credits: World Design Guide

The Samsung Bot Care is a small mobile robot that serves as your intelligent day-to-day companion and it basically offers you advice such as “You’ve been on your computer too long. How about stretching and taking a short break?”.

Credits: Slash Gear

The Bot Handy leans towards more of a maid’s role where it can clean dishes and pick up clothing items and towels and place them in a laundry basket. Oh and the Bot Handy can also serve you drinks. How nifty!

The two robots are currently still in their prototype stages and based on what we have seen so far, they might be released to the public in a few short years.

It’s almost scary how fast technology is evolving isn’t it? I wonder what the next 10 years could look like.


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