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Watch This Japanese Man Glow Up As He Slims Down

Anyone who has ever set out to lose weight can tell you that the hardest part is actually staying disciplined.

Of course, it takes a Japanese man to show us exactly what discipline means. I’m talking about Ruibosu, a Japanese Youtuber who documented his weight loss journey over the course of one year, and the results will astound you.

Weighing 140 kilograms at his heaviest, he pledged to himself that this will be the “last diet” of his life and began his journey in September 2019. He uploaded his summary video, which condenses his year of training into a little over three minutes, just shy of the one year mark.

Watch this man lose half of himself as he went from 137 kilograms to 68.5 kilograms.

He admits that it was a slow start. There wasn’t much he could do at first other than jumprope, sit-ups, and planking. But he remained consistent and lost almost 30 kilograms in the first three months. That’s an insane 10 kilo per month for “not doing much”.

Ruibosu also never used the weather as an excuse to cheat, and kept to the “pledge he made to himself”. Even on days of heavy rain, he continued his work out on the rooftop. He began to incorporate more variety to his regime such as lifting weights to develop his muscles and taking up kickboxing. But he was also careful to work within his abilities rather than overdoing it to avoid injury.

His efforts and discipline paid off as he smashes his target weight loss of 5 kilograms every month, which results in him losing exactly half of his weight by month 11. I never knew going from 137 kilograms to 68.5 kilograms will instantly turn you into a model.

Above the fact that he has gone down several sizes and how toned his body is, he actually commented on how much his face slimmed down compared to before.

People online have been applauding Ruibosu for sticking to his weight loss plan, leaving comments like:

“What an inspiration!”

“Who is this good-looking model??”

“It’s like his face has been swapped with a totally different person!”

“It’s not just his face and body that have changed, his mind and outlook on life has changed as well.”

“Losing this much weight is so much harder than it looks. His hard work and self-confidence to make it happen is truly remarkable!”

But this achievement didn’t affect his focus at all and he quickly admits that weight training and healthy eating is something he now has to do for the rest of his life. Head on over to his YouTube Channel and Twitter to catch livestreams of his workout which he hopes will inspire others to transform their lives like he did.

Source: SoraNews24

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