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Watch Out For These Apps That Collect The Most Personal Data From You

Smartphones play such an important role in making our lives easier with just a few clicks on the screen. As much as it pains me to admit it, I simply can’t picture my life without the help of certain e-commerce or e-hailing apps.

With that said, sometimes ease and accessibility come at the expense of privacy and security. There are so many apps out that seem harmless but are in fact, collecting so much personal data from its users without them realising.

The personal data collected could refer to one’s name, address, e-mail, or mobile number, all of which are important information that may result in a potential data breach once fallen into the wrong hands.

A latest study by statistics portal Statista has named Instagram as the number one app that collects the most data from its users and is known to share as much as 79% of the user’s personal data.

Surprisingly, even apps like Uber Eats and LinkedIn are revealed to be sharing up to 50% of the user’s personal data.

Here’s a list of apps that are known to share the most user data:

Credits: Statista

How many of these apps do you have installed in your phone right now? Let us know!


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