• Jonathan Shiek

Watch Out As Apex Legends Launches 3v3 Arenas Mode Permanently

One of the most played battle royale game, Apex Legends is surprising their gamers with a new game variation by adding a 3v3 Arenas mode as a PERMANENT game mode! Fans are surprised as this is the first time Apex Legends decides to do step out of their comfort zone, the usual battle royale format.

So, how does it actually work? All the Legends, weapons, and shooting mechanics from the game will be fit into a 3V3 round-based tactical shooter while having 5 specially-designed maps just for the new game mode. All you have to do is take out all the opposing team’s players to win a round!


Similar to CS:GO and Valorant, players will be selecting a Legend at the start and enter a buy phase. You’ll be able to use credits to purchase weapons, upgrades, healing items, and abilities. Unfortunately, your inventory will reset to ensure there are no distinct advantages among teams. Just like the main game, there will be a circle that slowly closes instead of a time limit.

According to Respawn Entertainment, they will be adding a ranked queue in the future along with balancing the Legends and weapons accordingly for the new mode. The update will be made available on 4 May 2021 on all available platforms, are you excited to try it out?


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