• Jonathan Shiek

Watch How Earth Has Changed In The Past 37 Years With Google Earth Timelapse

Not sure about you, but exploring Google Earth was one of my favourite things to do on the internet when I was little. There’s something so enchanting about being able to view our planet from space and realising how small everything is. Well, Google Earth has just rolled out an update that will allow you to see our planet and its changes through the years.

The new Timelapse in Google Earth feature uses 20 million satellite photos of Earth in the past 37 years to showcase an explorable view of time on our planet. With this feature, users can click on any part on Earth and witness how its appearance has transformed through time due to activities like urban growth, land expansion, etc.

All you need to do is access Timelapse in Google Earth, and search for any location of your choice to experience time in motion. Google has also uploaded over 800 Timelapse videos in 3D and 2D for selected locations and you can even download or watch them on YouTube!

Or if you simply wish to marvel at mother nature without a specific location in mind, you can also explore the Voyager feature within Google Earth and let it take you on five different tours to view forest change, urban growth, warming temperatures, sources of energy, and our world’s fragile beauty from an aerial view.


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