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Wanna write for us? Can! Here are 3 crucial ingredients to writing a good story

Our lives are a series of stories presented in different ways like movies, writings, stories read to us, and gossip too. Storytelling is a powerful way to send a message across and can shape the beliefs of readers.

If you are new to story writing and would like to try out, how do you determine that your story will be engaging to readers even before you begin writing?

A foolproof recipe to penning a story is to define a character with a desire for something. Next, they are faced with a challenge and there’s something at stake should they fail it. Typically it ends with a happy ending.

To visualize this better, let’s take the classic Little Red Riding Hood as a sample.

Little Red Riding Hood was a young girl who had the desire to visit her grandmother but conflict arose when she encountered the big bad wolf. She knew if she failed to get through it, her life would be at stake. However she was saved by a woodcutter who happened to hear her scream.

If you want to spice your story up, you can experiment with plot twists and unfavourable endings. For example, reveal that the woodcutter was an alliance of the Wolf and Little Red Riding Hood stood no chance all along. Or that even though she was saved by the woodcutter, her grandmother had already been killed by the wolf.

The best part of a story are the emotions that it’s capable of evoking. A good story will make a reader laugh out loud then sob uncontrollably. Don’t be afraid to explore all these and accept feedback with an open mind. You’ll only keep getting better at writing.

So, are you excited now to get started? Never worry about starting off perfect but know that this tip should guide you through. Let experience build upon your passion to share your stories with others. Happy trying!

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