• Jonathan Shiek

Wall’s Cornetto Brown Sugar Boba Cheese Ice Cream Is Finally Available In Malaysia!

If you’ve ever found yourself torn between choosing to have ice cream or bubble tea for dessert, you can finally get the best of both worlds now with Wall’s new Cornetto Brown Sugar Boba Cheese ice cream flavour that has just landed in Malaysia!

Topped with cheese and brown sugar, the sweet and savoury taste is said to be an added twist of regular boba flavoured ice creams. Once you get past the decadent topping layer, your taste buds would be welcomed with the fan-favourite milk tea ice cream that’s paired with chewy boba pearls. Finally, what awaits you at the end is the usual crunchy Cornetto waffle cone.

The product was first available in neighbouring countries Thailand and Indonesia early this year. And after months of waiting, Malaysians can finally get a taste of this long-awaited dessert as well.

If you’re planning to try it out, the Wall’s Cornetto Brown Sugar Boba Cheese ice cream is currently available at 7-Eleven stores nationwide, for RM4.20 each. Will you be getting this ice cream anytime soon? Let us know!


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