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VTL-Land Opens To Fully Vaccinated Malaysian & Singaporean Travellers From 20 December

Credit: The Straits Times

According to an announcement by Malaysia's Ministry of International Trade and Industry (Miti), the VTL-Land will be open to fully vaccinated travellers from Malaysia and Singapore on 20 December. However, Miti mentioned that Covid-19 testing will continue to apply along with being vaccinated against Covid-19.

“Due to increased public demand for travel via VTL-Land, all categories of travellers who are Malaysian and Singaporean citizens will be able to enter Singapore and Malaysia respectively, via VTL (Land) effective December 20, 2021. Holders of Malaysian Permanent Resident status can continue to enter Malaysia via VTL (Land),” the ministry said.

“Travellers are still required to be fully vaccinated and for unvaccinated children below the age of 12, they must be accompanied by vaccinated parents or guardians. Eligible travellers will be subjected to Covid-19 testing and further health requirements determined by the respective country,” the ministry added.

Although, the ministry also said that travellers will still need to travel via bus transportation only, with designated VTL-Land bus operators to offer bus tickers to meet the increased demand. Before getting the bus tickets, travellers heading to Malaysia via the VTL-Land will need to register at, while travellers from Malaysia and heading to Singapore have to register at


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