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Viral Video Shows RELA Officer Kicking Foreign Migrant At Bukit Jalil PPV

A viral video on Twitter showing a People’s Volunteer Corps (RELA) officer kicking a foreign migrant at the Bukit Jalil vaccination centre (PPV) is sparking outrage among netizens who are disappointed by the harsh treatment of migrant workers in this country, time and time again.

The video was uploaded by Twitter user Sasi Rekha Ravi who claimed to have witnessed a RELA officer “kicking and punching several foreigners and treating them like dogs” at the Bukit Jalil PPV yesterday (19 August).

It is so sad that foreigners at treated SO BADLY at #PPV #PPVbukitjalil #vaksincovid @JKJAVMY @501Awani @staronline @bharianmy @NST_Online @DGHisham — Sasi Rekha Ravi (@sassyRekha) August 19, 2021

Although Ravi wasn’t able to record the earlier scene, she managed to record the same officer almost kicking another person, though the footage clearly showed the RELA officer lightly kicking a migrant worker. Ravi added that although three police officers were present, no one spoke up about anything.

As Bukit Jalil is the only walk-in PPV open to foreigners, Ravi said the queue had extended to several kilometres. Despite this, many migrant workers had willingly queued under the scorching heat for hours just to get vaccinated, not only to protect themselves but also to protect fellow Malaysians, yet the treatment they receive in return is beyond disrespectful and dehumanising. — Sasi Rekha Ravi (@sassyRekha) August 19, 2021

Another Twitter user added that she too, witnessed the harassment of foreigners at the same PPV, saying “Yes I was there yesterday and I can confirm this. [Words like] ‘You orang apa? Orang B*ngla pergi sana’ was just the tip of the iceberg. They were yelled at, berated, and disrespected.”

Meanwhile, some netizens also commented on the apparent double standard as the same thing would never happen to Westerners, even though they are also considered as foreigners in Malaysia.

According to The Vibes, a RELA spokesperson has clarified that they’re looking into the issue.


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