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Viral Photos On Twitter Framing Parti MUDA Backfired As Netizens Expressed Support

MUDA, a political party led by Syed Saddiq recently got registered after a 15-month-long legal battle. And if you've not seen social media, MUDA has been making headlines for putting in hard work to provide relied to flood victims and actively helping the community since it was established.

Sadly, despite doing good work for the community, the political party was slandered on social media through a tweet, accusing the party for misusing crowdfunding money to purchase alcohol. Netizens believe that the photos in the post were staged as the printed "MUDA" tees along with the beer bottles, canned alcohol, and cigarettes seemed a little too unsubtle.

On top of that, a couple of social media users pointed out that drinking alcohol itself does not violate any laws, especially when those partaking are non-Muslim. Many criticised the photos for being staged like warm beers, product placement, and the way they were drinking alcohol - Clearly fake!

Syed Saddiq replied to the tweet with, "Don't need to frame MUDA for using the crowdfunding money. We will show everything. There will be a media interview just to showcase our receipts. All of our transactions are recorded and we will proceed with auditing after the flood mission. 100% of the donations are towards the flood victims. So much effort to bring MUDA down in these couple of days."

Since then, there were no legal actions being taken against the original poster. What do you think? Do you believe that the photos in the tweet were staged?


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