• Jonathan Shiek

Vile Man Caught “Jerking Off” In Public… Again

The term “if first you don’t succeed, try again” certainly comes to mind after witnessing this man in action… though I am fairly certain that he succeeded in making a lot of people uncomfortable the first time around.

See, earlier this month an 18-year-old girl was both disgusted and horrified to find a man pleasuring himself right in front of her during her commute via the LRT. By pleasuring himself, I don’t simply mean that he was simply rubbing himself through his pants… oh no, not by a long shot. This horny demon went full primal by whipping it out and going at it to the point where even his semen was dripping from his seat to the floor.

Credits: Hype

Unfortunately, authorities had not managed to apprehend the suspect following his heinous display of physical love.

Which brings us to this new incident involving the same detestable man where he was caught red-handed “beating his meat” yet again by a fellow commuter. Well if this isn’t a clear indication that he loves masturbating in public, then I don’t know what is.

Bro this man fap infront of a girl in the lrt bro ….. — Fishy (@RoyOliverStewa1) April 4, 2021

According to a report by World Of Buzz, the passenger named Mesh stated that the incident transpired over the weekend as he was on his way to Bangsar LRT from Abdullah Hukum LRT. As he was wearing the same apparel as before, Mesh could identify him easily.

After Mesh’s report, the suspect was apprehended at USJ 7 KJ34 station. Apparently the man was “doing a round trip from Point A to B and B to A based on Rapid KL map”. The police has since confirmed the arrest of the man and will be taking appropriate action.


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