• Jonathan Shiek

Vile ‘Father’ in Sabah Records Himself Abusing His Kids

Since the MCO was first put in place, Malaysia has recorded an alarming and disturbing surge in domestic abuse cases. More often than not, the victims of such abuse are women and children. Unfortunately, Malaysians have witnessed first-hand how such abuse takes place because of a sick demented ‘father’ actually recording himself beating the life out of his children. Read that sentence again.

Two days ago, a disturbing video was uploaded to Facebook which has since been removed, showed 2 young kids being abused mercilessly. In the clip, the suspected father of the 2 kids appeared to be taking his anger out on them in the clip as he repeatedly said the words “Mati, mati” (Die, die) as he stomped and kicked the kids while holding a knife to their faces.

At one point, the abuser even throttled the children by suffocating their necks with his foot as they howled in pain and agony through out the video. In a report by Berita Terkini, the incident occurred in Kunak District in the Tawau Division of Sabah. According to rumors, the motive of the abuse was attributed to the man’s wife who left him and out of anger, he committed the heinous deed.

Credits: Hype Malaysia

To make matters worse, the man is still on the run after fleeing his house according to his neighbors as the authorities are now hot on his trail. Thankfully, the children has since been relocated to their grandmother’s house and are reportedly doing well.


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