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Video Shows Dozens Of Fish Crawling On Land, But Apparently That’s Normal

Malaysians are losing their mind after coming across a viral video online showing dozens of fish crawling out of water and onto dry land. But then again, we would freak out too if no one told us that this is actually normal for the climbing perch fish species.

The incident, which is said to take place around a surau in Tanjung Karang, Kuala Selangor, managed to turn quite a few heads in the video. A man was even heard exclaiming "Allahu Akhbar, there's so many!" at the sight of the fish crawling and hopping on land.

But this behaviour is nothing out of the ordinary for the Anabas testudineus, or the climbing perch fish species that are able to live without water for days. The climbing perch are considered to be an invasive species that typically invade new territories by using their excellent jumping skills to slip aboard fishing boats.

Native to Asia, the climbing perch has been found in Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, and even Australia, where experts are concerned if this aggressive species will pose a threat to the local aquatic environment. And in case you were wondering, the climbing perch is considered to be a delicacy in Southeast Asian countries. In fact, because of its amazing ability to survive outside of water, the species is known to fetch pretty good prices in the market.


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