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V2K 2.0 Telegram Group Re-Emerges And Threatens Malaysian Women For Private Photos And Videos

When will men understand that it is not okay to form groups online to share around pictures of women, moreover without permission. It is vile, disgusting, and “rapey”! According to World of Buzz, they busted the first group 8 months ago called “V2K” on Telegram, sharing images and videos of women without their consent. Those in the group justified that their actions weren’t raping anyone, so it was harmless.

Obviously, if these men weren’t put behind bars or getting fined for doing these kind of actions, they will keep emerging. Sad but true, another group was exposed a month ago for distributing child pornography – UGH!

As if it couldn’t get any worse, another group similar to the V2K group called “Vitamin4Testicles” re-emerged on Telegram with more than 4,000 members in the group. This time, a woman managed to infiltrate the group chat and decided to retaliate against the admin and members of the group chat. The admin was clearly enraged and started threatening the woman that they would rape her sister.

Credit: World of Buzz

Credit: World of Buzz

The despicable acts didn’t stop at a threaten, apparently a member of the group chat was a hacker who managed to obtain the woman’s private information. Sadly, she was forced to take private photos and videos of herself to be shared in the group. On top of that, these disgusting members would even make further lewd requests to make the victims pose in whatever way they find desirable.

Credit: World of Buzz

These men started threatening women to obtain their private photos and videos as their “project”. World of Buzz managed to infiltrate the group and screenshotted some of the conversations in the chat, showing how disgusting these 4 thousand men were with their sick jokes. One of the screenshots showed that the men were targeting “Insta-famous” women and men who want to help these women.

The group has been deleted as of 9 June, but we’re sure that this will keep happening until these men are caught.


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