• Jonathan Shiek

Use `Marijuana` To Fight Chronic Illness, Should He Be Punished To Death?

Do you guys still remember Dr Ganja? Mr Amiruddin Abdullah, a retired armed force captain. This year is his fourth year being remanded in Sg. Buloh prison. 

But for what? He was arrested for providing medical cannabis to chronically ill patients. 

With more and more places allowing medical cannabis as it proves effective towards the reduction of suffering for chronically ill patients, Malaysia still has not approved the use of medicinal marijuana. However, we are taking steps in amending the current law regarding the use of medical marijuana. 

With Dr Ganja and his illness in Sg Buloh for the 4th year waiting for his trial, will he be able to reunite with his family or succumb to his illness in prison.

Click here to read about a documentary by Loh Jo Yee & Hidayah Hisham on Dr Ganja and his fight!

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