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Unvaccinated Students Can Still Go To School, But Their Parents Would Be Given Counseling

Credits: The Star

Although the government has been ramping up vaccination efforts for students in Malaysia, there are still children and teenagers who refused to get vaccinated, most likely due to their parents' influence. However, as schools are set to reopen next month, this raises the question of whether unvaccinated students will be barred from returning to school?

According to Deputy Education Minister Datuk Dr Mah Hang Soon, it is presumed that only a small number of students will refuse vaccination as this is mostly due to their parents who are not ready for their children to take the vaccine.

So instead of preventing unvaccinated students from attending school, the Ministry of Education (MOE) will focus on providing counseling for the students' parents who choose to reject the vaccine. "Every student has the right (to study and attend school). There is no reason for MOE to prevent them from returning to school (without vaccination)," said Mah.

He added that MOE is prepared to send various promotion materials and leaflets to parents to help them understand the correct information about the vaccine so they will allow their children to get vaccinated.


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