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Unlock Your Phone With Your Apple Watch While Wearing Your Face Mask

If you’re the type to find it a hassle to take off your mask and use Face ID to unlock your device, then this news will definitely find you well. Apple will soon release their next big update, iOS 14.5 that will allow Apple users to unlock their phones using their Apple Watch while wearing a face mask!

The feature will only work with the iPhone X and Apple Watch Series 3 models onwards. The new update is said to bring in other cool features like more diverse Siri voices, new emojis, and many others!

Let’s dive deeper into the Face ID feature, to access the function, tap into “Face ID & Passcode” in Settings while already having your Apple Watch on your wrist. Following this, the iPhone will allow your Apple Watch to detect a mask and send users a haptic feedback on the watch to let you know your phone is unlocked.

However, Apple warned its users that the phone will be looking for a face with a mask and not the phone owner’s face, so this can be a little troubling and dangerous. But not to worry, since your Apple Watch will notify you when your phone is being unlocked, you can opt to lock your it back with a button.

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