• Jonathan Shiek

Unconventional Ways To Celebrate Christmas This Year

Christmas this year will be a little different all over the world due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Nonetheless, let’s still get our Christmas spirit and mood up to start planning for our holiday parties! This year we won’t be dining out in restaurants or heading to malls to check out Christmas decorations, so what else can we plan at the comfort of our homes?

BBQ Party

BBQ parties are always well-received, so planning one at your backyard or car porch won’t be too tough! While following the SOPs, invite close friends or family to your place and host a tight knitted BBQ party! It is a tag team activity, some will be working on the grill, some making drinks and cocktails, while others can prepare the table with cutleries and plates. 

Secret Santa

Type down everyone’s names that are participating in the Secret Santa into a Secret Santa Generator, and purchase a gift with a clear budget! It’s always fun to guess who your Secret Santa is at the end of the day. To top this, everyone should wear their ugly Christmas sweater to the gift exchange!

Christmas High Tea

All you need is a tier stand, a couple of cakes, sweets, desserts, and some tea or coffee then you’re set for a High Tea party! Christmas parties don’t always have to be at night after all, so make use of the beautiful daylight and enjoy your tea and cakes at your lawn or backyard with some friends and family!

Hotpot Party

Hotpot is one of the most popular ways of eating in Malaysia right now, so why not prepare some seafood, vegetables, and meat for everyone to enjoy? You can also opt to order hotpot services online to be sent over to your house! My mouth is salivating just thinking about it!


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