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UK Woman Makes Reusable Toilet Wipes And Washes It Once A Week To Save Money

I can only imagine what you’re thinking after reading the headline, it’s probably a mixture of “eww”, “wtf”, and “are you serious”. And let me just assure you that yes she is serious, a woman in the UK actually decided to make her own reusable toilet wipes in an attempt to conserve toilet paper consumption in her family.

42-year-old Kelsey Leverton said she first started making her own reusable toilet roll after hearing about it on the radio three years ago, “I thought about how my mum used terry towelling when we were babies as washable nappies and thought it would be the ideal material. Plus it helps that none of us are squeamish.”

Leverton then decided to buy a metre square of terry cloth fabric and cut them up into 50 strips of square wipes. The wipes are kept in a small scented waste paper bin after use to allow the essential oils to freshen up the wipes.

Credits: LADbible

At the end of the week, the used wipes will be put in a mesh bag and washed at 40 degrees. According to Leverton, despite having been washed over 150 times, the reusable toilet wipes are still durable.

Although her daughters weren’t initially fond of the idea, Leverton says they have since warmed up to the reusable toilet rolls after discovering how soft it feels. However, there are guests who still get grossed out, which is why the family makes sure to keep a small amount of actual toilet papers for guests just in case.

The same toilet papers are also used when anyone needs to do a number two, because I definitely can’t imagine anything worse than cleaning your poo with reusable toilet wipes – ewww.


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