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UK Music Festival Fires Tiësto’s Fan’s Ashes Out Of Confetti Cannon As Final Tribute

Credits: Daily Mail

Fans who were at the UK Creamfields Festival over the weekend definitely had a memorable experience during Tiësto’s set as they partied hard surrounded by the sound of his music and his fan’s ashes in the air. Yes, you read that right.

Stuart Mitchell was a fan of the Dutch DJ before he passed away in July. In order to fund his funeral, Stuart’s family decided to sell his Creamfields ticket to his cousins Ryan and Liam Millen, before asking the duo if they could help to scatter some of Stuart’s ashes at the festival so he could truly go there one last time.

The duo then made a banner with Stuart’s photos and held it as they went around the festival grounds taking pictures to celebrate Stuart’s life and memory. Eventually, they decided to ask the event organisers if they could take some pictures with the banner and ashes on the main stage.

But what the cousins did not expect was how the festival organisers would suggest to fire Stuart’s ashes from the confetti cannon during Tiësto’s festival-closing headline set. The amazing gesture managed to warm the hearts of Stuart’s family members, who were more than grateful to everyone for honouring Stuart’s memory in the best way.

"It can only be described as a once in a generation tribute to his biggest fan," said Ryan, adding that it was "an unforgettable tribute to someone who was taken from this earth far before his time.”


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