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UiTM Lecturer Accused Of Sexually Harassing Over 15 Students

It wasn’t too long ago when the #MakeSchoolASaferPlace movement was trending across social media, where many individuals revealed incidents of them being sexually harassed at schools while urging authorities to take action against the perpetrators, most of whom were actually teachers.

But it seems like it’s not just schools that are becoming unsafe, as a number of people have also come forward with sexual harassment allegations against a lecturer at Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM). According to SAYS, the allegations which recently surfaced on social media were made against a lecturer at the Centre of Foundation Studies (CFS) in UiTM Dengkil.

It all started when some users on Twitter were sharing possible pathways for SPM graduates to pursue in higher education. While some people were suggesting CFS UiTM Dengkil as an option, several others jumped forward to warn individuals about a lecturer who was known to show predatory behaviour.

This led to a chain reaction of people coming forward to share their personal encounters with the creepy lecturer. More than 15 victims have since provided screenshots of their conversations with the lecturer who was making sexually explicit comments.

One example included the lecturer saying “I’m a lecturer, I have to look at you all as innocent. I can’t look at you all with horny face I’ll get fired right away” followed with his admission “though I did that sometimes”. What’s even more messed up about this statement is that it happened in a group chat with other people – it’s beyond sick and twisted.

Credits: SAYS

In several other screenshots, the lecturer even admitted to staring at a student’s breast, while also telling another person how he would sneak someone into his room to “do fun business” even in his office in Dengkil. More former students also revealed how this man would invite them out to dinner and even offered them gifts like flowers, condoms and lingerie.

Credits: SAYS

According to SAYS, UiTM said they have since launched an investigation towards the matter, however they refused to comment if it was a police investigation or one that was done internally.

Meanwhile, Bukit Aman Sexual, Women, and Child Investigations Division (D11) principal assistant director ACP Siti Kamsiah Hassan recently reminded the public that individuals who are found guilty of making obscene and sexual remarks can face five years of imprisonment, a fine, or both if convicted.

If you know someone who’s a victim of sexual harassment or sexual assault, here are some organisations you can reach out to for help: Women’s Aid Organisation (WAO), All Women’s Action Society (AWAM), Protect and Save The Children (PS THE CHILDREN). The Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) also provides a portal that allows you to make anonymous report about child sexual abuse.


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