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TY:DEL’s New EP ‘To Anyone Listening’ Strikes a Chord

Most of you are familiar with TY:DEL by now and it is no surprise that you are. Their music practically encapsulates our entire generation but for those of you who aren’t all to familiar with this multi-talented quartet…You are welcome. Now that you have heard of them, I am expecting a ‘thank you’ for introducing you to music that will change your life.

So for those of you who haven’t heard of TY:DEL prior to this article, allow me to introduce quite possibly the best Malaysian-born indie band right now. The band consists of four colorful characters all distinct and unique in their own right; Ritchie Retita (electric guitarist and vocals), Timothy Long (electric guitarist and vocals), Carlson Kam (piano and vocals) and Roshan Sundram (drummer).

Credits: TYDEL (Facebook)

Their journey first began in a 4×4 meeting room back in college where they recorded their first song ‘Never Seen You‘. So there they were, writing, singing and jamming out from that little room but in time, their spontaneous jam sessions turned into small performances and before they even knew it, they were performing every week. Their passion for music goes way back to their high school days even before they all met and from the looks of it, that passion within them still stands firm today.

With such passion and raw talent transcribed into their music, it is no wonder that their music has been streamed hundreds of thousands of times. Following their new single, ‘so in love(tonight)’ which was released 5 March, TY:DEL will also be launching an extended play (EP) titled ‘To Anyone Listening’ around the second week of April, which features 5 tracks.

Credits: TYDEL (Facebook)

With the introduction of their new EP, TY:DEL intends to send a message to the world stating that “we’re not playing around any more, we are doing this for real!”. According to TY:DEL themselves, the EP is a catalog of mixed emotions which serves as a unified voice for those of us who are lacking in self-confidence, missing friends, and seeking attention. ‘To Anyone Listening’ is also a tribute to the the struggles we face in this ever-changing world and to tell those of us who are facing such adversities that they are not alone.

I am certain that most of us are electrified at the announcement of the new EP. On a side note, it is really quite rare that a local band has such a unique flow and sound and I am honestly quite enthralled by them. I can’t wait to see what else they have in store for us, though I am certain that no matter what it may be, we are definitely in store for a treat. If you haven’t checked them out yet, you absolutely must!


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