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Twitter to Introduce New Features That Let’s You React to Tweets With Emoji’s

In case you didn’t feel validated enough on Instagram and Facebook, you can now add on to your vanity needs with Twitter thanks to their new emoji and downvote/dislike feature that they will be adding soon.

The new feature will introduce the usual suspects such as; a laughing face with tears, a thinking face, a crying face, a shocked face, an angry face, and the classic fire emoji. Much like Reddit and 9GAG, Twitter users will also be getting the downvote or dislike option. But if you are a fan of the pre-existing heart that Twitter has, don’t worry as there are no plans to replace or remove it.

Per this survey I just took, Twitter is considering adding emoji reaction sets and downvoting. I think either of those might be what forces me off this site. — john d moore (@jdm0079) March 18, 2021

According to a spokesperson from Twitter, the social media platform is introducing these features in an attempt to provide users with more ways to express themselves. That said, these features are still in its early stages so we might not get to see it anytime soon (hopefully never).

It is certainly applaudable of Twitter to spice up their site but I can’t help to think that this new feature will change Twitter’s reputation and purpose altogether, not to mention their appeal. One of the appeals of Twitter is to be able to express and articulate your feelings and thoughts better than any other social media site without having to worry about downvotes therefore allowing people to post whatever they want without fear of public disapproval (Donald Trump, ahem… ahem…).

Monica Chin from ‘The Verge’ also brought up a rather interesting point stating “I can only imagine that a downvote on a tweet, coming from my personal account with my name and picture attached, will feel like a personal affront, and it will be embarrassing and devastating enough to drive me off the site and force me to find alternative hobbies.”

Perhaps Twitter will grow to be even more toxic with these added features after all?

So what do you think? Is Twitter moving in the right direction with these new features?


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