• Jonathan Shiek

Twitter’s Stock Thriving After Permanently Kicking Donald Trump Out

Yes, we are still talking about Donald Trump being kicked out of Twitter FOR GOOD. Apparently, there were no other U.S companies that made a move like this before and we found this pretty applause worthy.

What’s even funnier is that Twitter’s shares dipped for a short-term after exiling Donald Trump but has then surged up 33% so far for this year. About 74 million Americans who voted for Trump and 88 million Twitter accounts that followed him were so triggered by the social media company’s move to banish Donald Trump which cause the short-term plunge. Within this week alone, Twitter sees its first share price record since 2013, which was back when the company was still fresh off its initial public offering.

We can see that years of effort to clean up their platform’s services and advertising features are finally paying off, unlike Facebook which has always topped Twitter’s shares for years is seeing a fall of 4.3% in 2021.

Kudos to Twitter for doing what they think is right!


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