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Twitter Launches New Paid Subscription Service – Twitter Blue

As if paying for YouTube Premium and Spotify Premium isn’t enough, even Twitter is rolling out with its own premium subscription service Twitter Blue, which will allow users in Canada and Australia to access more exclusive features, but at a price.

According to the official Twitter Blue account that was set up a couple days ago, users who subscribe to Twitter Blue will be able to enjoy having Bookmarks Folder to categorise their bookmarked tweets. There’s also the Reader Mode feature that helps users filter out long Twitter threads and make them appear like a news article for easy reading.

Welcome to Twitter Blue — a new subscription service designed to give you more customization over your Twitter experience and access to premium features, including:  🔹Undo Tweet 🔹Bookmark Folders  🔹Reader Mode — Twitter Blue (@TwitterBlue) June 3, 2021

Although everyone on Twitter has been hounding for a feature to edit tweets, sorry to say but Twitter Blue won’t be introducing this function either. Instead, you’ll get an Undo feature that basically gives you a 30 second private preview of your tweet on the timeline. If you don’t like how your tweet looks, you’ll have 30 seconds to undo it before it goes live and becomes visible to everyone.

I know what you’re probably thinking, sure these Twitter Blue features are cool, but they don’t seem cool enough to justify the $3.49 CAD (RM11.89) $4.49 AUD (RM14.21) price tag.

Well, here’s one feature that may possibly seal the deal for you – dedicated customer support. While the rest of us are struggling to get ahold of Twitter support, Twitter Blue subscribers will get to enjoy exclusive access to a dedicated channel for customer support.

With that said, most people on Twitter still don’t seem to be sold on this new service.

Twitter tryin to make paid services like Twitter Blue and everyone with a brain out here like — TomKat 🤍 (@TomKatOnline) May 28, 2021
POV you paid for Twitter Blue: — Raven Marín ##VENFEST (@nin9t99n) May 28, 2021

What do you think? Will you ever pay for Twitter just to enjoy these additional features?


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