• Jonathan Shiek

Twitter is testing ‘Spaces’, an audio chat room for users

Twitter has started testing a new feature on its platform called Spaces that perform as an Audio Chat Room. Twitter has been a text-based platform from the start but this seems to change with Twitter now providing an alternative as well.

aye we’re live! what up y’all, we're the team behind Spaces––a small experiment focused on the intimacy of the human voice🧵 — Spaces (@TwitterSpaces) December 17, 2020

‘Spaces’ is a place where a group of people can speak at once. The creator or hosts of the spaces will have complete control over his/her space and can have control over the participants.

The participants will also be able to report Spaces. Twitter has an official account for its new feature that goes by the handle name ‘@TwitterSpaces’.

The twitter account states which other features it is testing, including:

– reactions similar to hand gestures

– a very early version of live transcriptions

– reporting & blocking

– sharing Tweets in spaces


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