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Twitter Confirms Testing Downvote Button And Changing The Iconic Heart Icon For a “Thumbs Up&#

Of all the thing we need Twitter to add into its features, the social media platform decided to test on a “downvote” button, similar to YouTube. According to the company, likes and dislikes can be an important tool for services and users as it shows insights into trends and general consensus. However, some users are against this new addition as it may result to cyberbullying.

Twitter clarified that the button is not a dislike button, rather it’s a downvoting tool instead. But we don’t see the difference in both honestly. The company also mentioned that some users may already have access to test the new button, that now sits next to the upvote button. Besides testing on the downvote button, Twitter may also be changing out the iconic heart icon for a “thumbs up” icon.

The test is currently being conducted for iOS users only, so if you’re using the app on other devices, you won’t be able to see a difference. There was a time when YouTube decided to test on removing its dislike button on contents, but it was revealed that it was just an experiment to hide dislike counts from being viewed. That’s exactly what Twitter is trying to do with its new downvote function.

Twitter confirmed that registered downvotes will not be visible to the general Twitter public, unlike likes or upvotes, the downvotes will not be seen by someone else. The social media platform also explained that users will not be able to downvote a Tweet, but only able to do so on a reply to a Tweet. We don’t know if Twitter will decide to permanently add this new feature into its app or when it decides to include it in its new update, so take this with a grain of salt for now.


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