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Turn Your Leftover Durian Seeds Into Crispy Chips With This DIY Recipe

Hailed by many (and loathed by some) for its strong taste and aroma, the King of Fruits is also noted for its wide range of uses. Real durian lovers would know better than to discard the shell of the fruit as the husk can also be used to wash off the lingering smell of durian in your breath and fingers. But did you know that even durian seeds can be kept and turned into crispy durian chips?

Facebook user Rozana Hashim AsSalihin revealed this tasty secret in the group “Masak Apa Hari Ni..” where she shared the recipe of how to turn durian seeds into sliced chips that can be fried and served as a snack. And believe it or not, the process seems to be quite simple.

First up, you’ll have to clean the seed and you can do this by peeling the layer of brown skin, though Rozana claims it’s an optional step. Then, soak the cleaned seeds in saltwater overnight before slicing them with a kitchen slicer.

Credits: Rozana Hashim AsSalihin (Facebook)

Leave the sliced seeds for an hour or two before frying them over slow fire. It will take a while for the slices to turn crispy so remember to keep mixing the seeds in the oil to prevent them from burning. As the slices are being fried, the slimy texture on the seed will also go off gradually, said Rozana.

Once you notice the sliced chips turn into a golden shade and start to feel light and crispy, it’s a sign that your snack has been fried to perfection, and can be taken up to set aside. Now all you have to do is wait for the chips to cool and voila, your very own durian chips snack is served!

Credits: Rozana Hashim AsSalihin (Facebook)

Apparently, this recipe has long existed before Rozana shared it on Facebook. But her post has definitely helped to spread the word and introduce more people to the extended goodness of durian. What do you say? Will you be trying out this recipe anytime soon?


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