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Turkish Model Got Uninvited From Her Close Friend's Wedding Because She Looked Too Good

A TikTok video from Germany-based model Alena Yildiz went viral for getting uninvited from her own close friend's wedding - for looking too damn good in her bridesmaid's dress! Insecurities can get the best of us sometimes, and clearly Alena's friend felt that.

While many feel like guests and bridesmaids shouldn't try to outshine the bride on her special day, the dress worn by Alena was actually picked out by the bride herself! The 21-year-old Turkish model wrote in her TikTok video, "My close friend uninvited me to her wedding because she thought I looked too good in the dress SHE chose for me."

Since then, the viral video garnered 3 million likes and over 16 thousand comments. Netizens are split in response, some said that the model should respect the bride and pick another dress, while others complimented Alena for looking good in the dress.

Someone in the comment section even said, People who are saying she’s trying to outshine the bride clearly (has) never been to an Arab/North African wedding. BTW, you look fire girl!” Meanwhile, some comments mentioned that Alena is just trying to fish for compliments and was trying to find a reason to post pictures in the dazzling dress.

What do you think? Did she really try to upstage the bride?


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