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Try On Dior’s Latest Sneakers With Augmented Reality!

If you’re keen on trying out Dior’s latest sneaker line, you can do so from literally anywhere. To celebrate their new Dior-ID models, the fashion company introduced a Snapchat lens that is capable of letting users try on any of their new sneakers virtually by simply angling the lens down to their feet.

Try it here!:

Credits: Dior

Assuming you don’t use Snapchat, don’t worry as you can also try the lens on Instagram and Facebook. Although it may not be as interactive as Snapchat, they offer their own playful way of introducing the sneakers to you. On Facebook and Instagram, when pointing the lens at any surface, the sneakers will dance around to a beat.

Credits: Flaunt

Just when you think they’re done, Dior takes you by surprise by allowing you to purchase the sneakers via the platform itself. Well if this happens to turn into a trend among other fashion companies, it is likely that we will no longer have to head into retail stores for the sake of trying on sneakers. Which could also be beneficial considering the Covid-19 situation.

Credits: Flaunt

The Dior-ID sneakers is a play on the classic white sneakers featuring a blend between Dior’s signature elegance and contemporary street style. The sneaker also has an elegant gold-embossed signature on the velcro-fastening side straps. In short, the sneakers look absolutely stunning and it is nothing short of amazing, which is what we have come to expect from Dior at this point.


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