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TRNM Is Not tldr, It’s Short For Trap-Neuter-Release-Manage

Animal lovers, unite! There are many ways we appreciate animals in our lives. We care for them as pets, we visit cat cafes or petting zoos, we carry kibbles around feeding strays. Or maybe you’re the one who spends all night watching cat videos and sharing funny ones to unsuspecting friends. Hey, we don’t judge.

Trap-Neuter- Release-Manage (TRNM).But there is another way to show our love to our furry friends and it is called Trap-Neuter- Release-Manage (TRNM). You’ve probably come across cats or dogs that has been spayed under this project without realizing it. The next time you are walking around your neighborhood or hanging out at a mamak, keep a lookout for cats and dogs that are missing the pointy end of their left ear (this is done humanely by a vet, of course).

TRNM is a project targeting at neutering stray cats and dogs to prevent unwanted babies. Street cats and dogs are humanely trapped then taken to vets where they are sterilised and marked by clipping their ear as mentioned above. After they recover from their surgery, they will be released back to where they came from.

Aside from population control, neutering also helps reduce aggression and territorial behaviors. Colonies will also be monitored by a caregiver so this will help curb the spread of diseases. This whole operation is done by TRNM Malaysia, a registered society run by members. You can find them on their Facebook page for more information. 

If you’ve been seeking inspiration on how to start off your 2021 with a bang, here’s an idea. You can donate any amount to the cause, sponsor an animal to get spayed, or volunteer for the TNRM process and subsequently become a caregiver. Let’s make 2021 the year strays get the attention they truly deserve.

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