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Tremors Left Behind By Indonesia’s Earthquake Was Felt Around Selangor And KL

If you felt a light tremor yesterday (11 Aug) around 1.19pm, it’s because of a medium earthquake that hit North Sumatra, Indonesia. According to a post by the Malaysian Meteorological Department, the earthquake that happened in the southeast of Padang Sidempuan had a magnitude of 5.6 on the Richter scale, and the depth of 19 kilometers.

Some people across Selangor and Kuala Lumpur felt the tremors, and brought the issue to social media. But rest assure, MET reported that there weren’t any threats of a tsunami to Malaysia. Apparently this happened a couple of times in the past before, like an incident back in 2013, when a 6.2 magnitude earthquake hit Sumatra, so don’t be alarmed!

BREAKING: A 6.2 magnitude earthquake just hit Sumatra, Indonesia. Apparently, the tremors was felt in several parts of Malaysia. — Typical Malaysian (@TypicalMsian) July 2, 2013

Did you feel the tremors yesterday?


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