• Jonathan Shiek

Top TikTok Videos Of The Year

2020 is coming to end with all that has been happening this year, but we’ve all managed to entertain ourselves with viral “Tiktok” videos. Here are the top viral videos for this year.

Noah Beck:

If you like young men dancing with energy and passion. Check out his videos for more of his content and with his girlfriend “Dixie D’Amelio”.

Dixie D’Amelio:

The queen of TikTok herself, who went viral for her dance videos and is now the most subscribed user that has generated a massive following herself.

Tabitha Brown:

A sensation for her vegan videos with a sweet and warming tone of voice who teaches you how to create vegan recipes with a burst of joy and enthusiasm.

Wisdom Kaye:

A model and a fashion icon who gained attention showing his graceful walk and a vast collection of clothes, which gained the attention of vogue.

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