• Jonathan Shiek

Top 10 Things I Look For In The ‘Perfect Guy’

Amazing body? Sexy face? Fashionable like a Korean pop star? Or thick pockets? You choose, but here are the characteristics of one woman’s dreams (not just on appearances).

  1. Ambitious to help others in need instead of all talk and no action.

  2. Someone who isn’t ashamed to say; “I was wrong, I’m sorry.”

  3. Someone who can see the various bad influences trying to ruin his life but without hesitation says “NO”.

  4. Someone who believes in God and is pleased with what happens and always thinks well.

  5. Someone who can acts on fulfilling his dreams and ambitions in hopes to one day return the favor of his parents.

  6. Someone who always smiles, is humble and respects his parents.

  7. Someone who sees one’s own mistakes and corrects them instead of blaming others.

  8. Someone who always pours his money, energy, time and abilities without thinking of retribution.

  9. Someone who tries to be the best example every day.

  10. Someone that can bring his family, wife and children to a house of worship.

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