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Too Hot To Handle: Malaysia Records Yellow-level Heatwave

Gone are the days when Malaysians were complaining about the “cold” weather in our country because it is time to brace ourselves for the looming heatwave instead. As of February 28, the Malaysian Meteorological Department (MetMalaysia) has recorded a yellow-level heatwave in ten areas across Peninsular Malaysia.

For your info, a Level 1 or yellow level heatwave refers to daily temperatures that continuously hover between 35 to 37°C for three days in a row, while a Level 2 or orange level heatwave refers to daily temperatures that reach between 37 to 40°C. And a Level 3 or red level (aka emergency level) heatwave is when daily temperatures soar above 40°C for three days in a row and becomes health-threatening.

Among the ten areas that recorded a temperature reading from 35 to 37°C for three consecutive days are Kuala Kangsar, Kinta, Batang Padang and Hilir Perak districts in Perak; Jeli, Kuala Krai and Gua Musang districts in Kelantan; Tampin district in Negeri Sembilan; and Tangkak and Kluang districts in Johor.

Meanwhile in Sabah and Sarawak, the two states managed to record maximum daily temperatures below 35°C during the same three-day period.

According to MetMalaysia director-general Jailan Simon, Malaysia is now experiencing the final phase of the North-East Monsoon period which is expected to last until the middle of March, with low rainfall distribution in Peninsular Malaysia particularly in the northern states.

But the good news is, MetMalaysia does not foresee any extraordinary hot weather in the country this year, so let us keep our fingers crossed and our bodies cool to brace through this temporary heat.


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