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Tony Fernandes Reveals AirAsia’s Plans To Introduce Ride-Hailing Services

In a recent interview with The Edge, AirAsia founder and CEO Tan Sri Tony Fernandes said that the local low-cost airline company is planning to venture into the ride-hailing industry following its success in the food delivery service line.

When asked if it’s too late to jump on the bandwagon now since the ride-hailing market is already dominated by companies like Grab, Fernandes remains unfazed and explains that there’s an advantage in not being the first to enter the market.

“I’ve got eight years of Grab doing it to learn from. I don’t have to waste all that money, with experimentation, building technology, training drivers and training the market how to order..they have done it all for me,” Fernandes added, “The ride-hailing model has been built. Everyone in Malaysia knows how to use it.”

Fernandes also expressed interest to tap into the logistics industry by leasing the company’s first Boeing 737 freighter to take on its logistics business, without having to go through so many middlemen like in typical air cargo businesses.

“And why am I going into the last mile? I’m trying to be everything. But I have something even Amazon doesn’t have, but which they are building now ― planes. And that is the prize. The reason why we are starting our own e-hailing and food delivery service is to enable us to build an infrastructure where we can offer the cheapest delivery,” said Fernandes.


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